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Unveiling Our Purpose: Empowering Communities Through Soccer and Ubuntu

What's Our Purpose

The purpose of Ubuntu Spokane (US) is to provide exceptional coaching consulting and summer soccer camps that inspire and empower children of all ages and skill levels to become passionate, skilled, and compassionate soccer players. Our goal is to create a positive and inclusive soccer community in Spokane, based on the African philosophy of Ubuntu, which emphasizes the interconnectedness of all people and the importance of community. We believe that soccer has the power to bring people together, promote personal growth, and foster a sense of belonging, and we are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where every player can thrive. Through our coaching consulting, and summer camps, we aim to instill the values of Courage, Accountability, Friendship, and Communication, which will serve coaches and players both on and off the field. Our purpose is to develop not only skilled coaches and soccer players, but also confident and compassionate individuals who will make a positive impact in their communities.

Behind The Name


Stands for Ubuntu which is a South African term, meaning “I am because we are.” It is the idea that we are better together than we are separate. The reason I do what I do is for the betterment of the collective. It is a belief that we can achieve so much more when we focus on the people around us.


Stands for the sport of soccer. Soccer is our passion, and we believe it can play a significant role in the lives of kids in our community. If we can focus on practices that have a lasting impact on our kids, such as character and leadership, we can use soccer as a tool to change their lives. We believe each kid’s positive experience starts with our community’s volunteer coaches.

Our Team

Our Expert Team Members

At US Spokane, we strive to give the best experience and service to every client. Meet the team members that make it all possible.

  • stylist
    Noah Taigen Coach

    Bringing a wealth of experience as a goalkeeper for Northwest Nazarene DII and a standout player at Mead High School, I offer 18 years of playing experience coupled with 4 years of coaching expertise.

  • stylist
    Morgan Hartanov Head Coach

    With over a decade of coaching experience at all levels, including five years as an Assistant Coach at Whitworth University and four years as the Head Coach at Mt. Spokane High School, I bring a wealth of expertise and leadership to the field.

  • stylist
    Brandon Shoff Coach

    Drawing from 18 years of playing experience as a standout at Mead High School and as a player at SFCC, I bring a deep understanding of the game to my coaching approach. With four years of coaching experience, I am dedicated to nurturing the next generation of athletes


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